Adoption fees

I try to keep the costs down on the fees as think a good homes the most important thing.heres a list of my fees in some cases you will see  NO FEE next to a pet , I am not asking a donation on that animal for a reason maybe its age or the fact I think its harder to rehome.
Fees are to help cover the food , bedding , fresh produce and other costs and believe me there are many !
so heres the fees

RABBITS   Minimum fee per bunny £5

GUINEA PIGS  Minimum fee per guinea pig  £5

Small rodents ie hamsters  I dont set a fee just what ever You feel

Chinchillas and exotic rodents I do ask £10 minimum donation

Ferrets no fixed fee just a donation applies

Reptiles depends on the reptile so will be stated.

Birds  again will be stated

Insects again will be stated most will not have a set fee