About me and My pets

I have  been involved in rescue now many years and it never stops amazing Me how much love pets can give You.Ive seen starved and mistreated pets go to new homes healy#thy and fill the new owners life with many years of pleasure.animals seem to want to please humans and be around them and put the past behind them in most cases.
I keep rodents from the common Gerbil to chins and exotic rodents.
Cats and dogs, birds, fish and reptiles .I love animals always have and grew up in the countryside with cattle and livestock.i guess animals are just in my blood to Me life wouldnt be worth living without them in my life.
ive met some amazing people and know some brilliant rescues over the years through the rescue and rehoming I do.the Forum has some amazing people on it that have become dear friends, animals bring people together and add alot of joy to lives.

Animals are our world

We have to learn to protect look after them be it a pet or our wildlife, They have lived along side us since time began and we need to make sure they always will.
i have corn snakes, royals, boas, lizards and various spiders, african snails.I like a variety of animals and think that children should be taught  respect and to appreciate animals.So I dont believe in not rehoming to people with children I think they need to learn be guided by adults so they too can in time teach their children the same values.

I have a Rescue Iguana and I would never support the import of them in this country.why ? as they look stunning as babies but people forget how big they grow and the damage a bite and claw can do.they need alot of space when older infact a room !.alot of reptiles get imported but not understood and I believe this should stop. I love reptiles but think that everyone taking on a reptile  should read up understand the needs or the animal will suffer.with all animals responsible ownership is the main thing needed.
One of my royal Pythons